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The old community wears a new coat

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After 3 months of renovation, Cuibai Yili Community of the Ximen Sub-district, once plagued by problems such as “illegal construction of canopies and doors constructed by breaking walls”, has taken on a new look.

Till now, 56 illegal buildings in the community have been dismantled, more than 30 new clothes hangers have been built, and the roads in the community have been widened to varying degrees. Besides, there are 3 new parking sheds at the entrance of the community to make it more convenient for residents to park non-motor vehicles.

“The community is now much fresher, and the environment has become better!” “Now driving in the community, we no longer need to worry about traffic accidents when 2 cars meet face to face. The traffic is very satisfying.” Residents are extremely happy to see the improvement of the environment of the community.

(Photo/ Wu Qiaolu, Xin Zhicheng and Zhou Bing)

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